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Cathrine Sørensen

Co-founder and Director

Cathrine is a so­cial ed­u­ca­tor and has al­ways wished to help where help was need­ed the most. In 2010 she came to Hon­duras for the first time to do an in­tern­ship at Or­phan­age Em­manuel. At that time, she nev­er imag­ined her­self stay­ing in Hon­duras. How­ev­er, here she still is and, fur­ther­more, mar­ried to her Hon­duran hus­band May­ron Mejia. To­geth­er they have a son, Maunus.

Cathrine worked from 2012–2016 at Or­phan­age Em­manuel in the Youth Com­mu­ni­ty and Tran­si­tion Pro­gram, where she pre­pared the youth for the chal­lenges they might face when leav­ing the or­phan­age. In 2016 she found­ed Youth for Hon­duras to­geth­er with the World Or­phan Fund build­ing on her ex­pe­ri­ences from Or­phan­age Em­manuel.

Cathrine be­lieves that Hon­duran youth have great po­ten­tial and can make a dif­fer­ence for their coun­try. She prays that Youth for Hon­duras will be able to lift some of the bur­dens placed on the shoul­ders of youth who grew up in chil­dren’s homes. Whether leav­ing an or­phan­age or a lov­ing fam­i­ly, Cathrine be­lieves that every young man and woman can have huge suc­cess with their adult lives and take steps in the right di­rec­tion for Hon­duras!


Karla Aguilar

Kar­la is a teacher and be­came a part of Youth for Hon­duras through Or­phan­age Em­manuel where she pre­pared youth for leav­ing the or­phan­age. Now, she is work­ing as the co­or­di­na­tor and con­tact per­son for the Hon­duran chil­dren’s homes with whom we col­lab­o­rate. Dur­ing the past years, Kar­la has de­vel­oped two tran­si­tion man­u­als for 12–17-year-olds liv­ing in or­phan­ages. This ma­te­r­i­al, which fo­cus­es on dif­fer­ent sub­jects such as self-es­teem, find­ing the first job, fam­i­ly re­la­tions etc., will pre­pare the or­phan­age staff to ed­u­cate the youth be­fore they leave the or­phan­age.