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Youth retreat “Who am I?” with Identity Mission

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Youth retreat “Who am I?” with Identity Mission

By Jose­lyne, staff at Youth for Hon­duras


Youth for Hon­duras had the hon­or of ac­com­pa­ny­ing Iden­ti­ty Mis­sion on its an­nu­al youth camp, this year with the theme: Who am I? Dur­ing the camp week­end, Youth for Hon­duras got to know more youth who are grow­ing up in Hon­duran children’s homes and we pre­sent­ed our tran­si­tion pro­gram to them.

The whole camp was a great bless­ing for us as a team! With the guid­ance of the Holy Spir­it we suc­ceed­ed in in­flu­enc­ing the lives of the youth par­tic­i­pat­ing in the camp.


Chosen by God

54 youth from dif­fer­ent children’s homes gath­ered around teach­ings, games, camp­fire, prayers, and oth­er ac­tiv­i­ties when they joined the youth camp in Siguate­peque.

Youth for Hon­duras was in­vit­ed to do talks on dif­fer­ent themes and to be a re­source for the youth. My col­leagues, José Ramón and Michelle, pre­sent­ed “I am who God says I am” and “The five love lan­guages”, and I did the lessons “Cre­at­ed with a pur­pose” and “Cho­sen by God”.

I spoke about Eph­esians 2, 10: “For we are his work­man­ship, cre­at­ed in Christ Je­sus for good works, which God pre­pared be­fore­hand that we should walk in them”, and about David, who pa­s­tored sheep but was cho­sen for some­thing else – to be a king!

Gath­er­ing around the camp­fire the last night of the camp, was a huge bless­ing for both lead­ers and youth. What touched my heart the most was a 14-year-old boy who stood up and talked – just like a preach­er. He in­vit­ed all youth who had re­ceived Christ in their lives to step for­ward. He spoke to them: “Al­ways come to Christ be­cause you are cho­sen by him”! And he said that the mes­sage that had im­pact­ed him the most dur­ing the camp was the mes­sage about be­ing cho­sen by God. That mes­sage was from one of my lessons. He looked for me af­ter­wards and I prayed for him and his life in Christ.

It was amaz­ing to get to know some of the youth at a deep­er lev­el and get a glimpse of God’s plan re­al­ized in each one of them.

And an even greater bless­ing was to see the love of Je­sus be­ing poured over their hearts in this mo­ment of shar­ing words from God. To me it was mar­velous to be used as God’s in­stru­ment.


Room for reflection

One night the Iden­ti­ty Mis­sion team had dec­o­rat­ed a house with strings of lights and set up many dif­fer­ent prayer sta­tions. The youth and lead­ers were in­vit­ed to move freely in the house dwelling at the sta­tions we want­ed to. This was a great op­por­tu­ni­ty for be­ing re­flec­tive and spend­ing time with God on a per­son­al, in­ti­mate lev­el.

Every night be­fore bed­time in each cot­tage, we shared our ex­pe­ri­ences and re­flec­tions of the day. In my cot­tage this cre­at­ed a space of con­fi­dence. The girls opened up and shared their life sto­ries. Some of the sto­ries were so se­vere, yet these girls had their dreams and hopes and were striv­ing to suc­ceed in life. This made a huge im­pact on me! It was such a priv­i­lege to spend time with these girls and be in­spired from their strengths to keep on fight­ing to com­plete their dreams.

That week­end, spent with youth who are in a life pe­ri­od full of un­cer­tain­ty and dif­fi­cul­ties but also high hopes and rich bless­ings, be­came an amaz­ing ex­pe­ri­ence for our or­ga­ni­za­tion. And, once again, we were re­mind­ed that we are called to serve and be an ex­am­ple for Youth in Hon­duras.

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