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Youth seek God through Conecta2

Posted by on Oct 1, 2019
Youth seek God through Conecta2

By Jose Ra­mon Lopez, Youth for Hon­duras staff

Conecta2 is a group that we cre­at­ed with­in Youth for Hon­duras. It con­sists of 18 youth from all gen­er­a­tions. The name Conecta2 lit­er­al­ly means “Connect2”, but when it is said in Span­ish it has yet an­oth­er mean­ing: “Con­nect­ed”.

We felt a need for this group be­cause the youth in YFH are seek­ing God. They want to learn more about Him and come clos­er to Him. So, Conecta2 is a group that fo­cuss­es on con­nect­ing with God (You and Him), and the pur­pose is to teach and in­volve our YFH youth in the great love of Je­sus.

We do that through dis­ci­ple­ship. Our youth study the Word of God so they learn about its prin­ci­ples. We do it through dy­nam­ics. Our youth in­ter­act in games with ref­er­ences to the Bible. And we do it through so­cial projects. Our youth put their knowl­edge into prac­tice to ben­e­fit oth­ers.

Es­pe­cial­ly the so­cial projects have touched us. The youth have been so en­gaged in help­ing oth­ers – and they have been blessed them­selves by bring­ing love to peo­ple in need. In every sin­gle so­cial ac­tiv­i­ty that we have made, their self-es­teems have been in­creased.

Un­til now, Conecta2 has been en­gaged in the three fol­low­ing types of so­cial projects:

  1. Bring­ing hap­pi­ness to chil­dren in a poor com­mu­ni­ty in our city – Our youth pre­pared fun­ny games, an in­ter­ac­tive dance, and words from God for them.
  2. Giv­ing love and care to el­ders in an almshouse – Our youth pre­pared spe­cial and dif­fer­ent ac­tiv­i­ties with the pur­pose to be close and speak to them.
  3. Shar­ing food in the streets to chil­dren and adults from poor com­mu­ni­ties.

Through these ini­tia­tives we have shared and shown the love of Je­sus to many peo­ple.

Strong Commitment and lots of Blessings

Every sin­gle ac­tiv­i­ty we car­ry out is planned by the youth them­selves – and they also pay for every­thing from their own mon­ey. We do it this way be­cause the youth should get the op­por­tu­ni­ty to give and not just re­ceive. Cer­tain­ly, the youth from Conecta2 have grown through this prac­tice and they know it is bet­ter to give than re­ceive.

Let me tell you about one ex­pe­ri­ence we had when we were vis­it­ing an almshouse. The youth had de­cid­ed to bring a make-up-ac­tiv­i­ty. So, the el­ders were cared for and giv­en make-up on if they want­ed it. It was so spe­cial how the youth con­nect­ed with the el­ders through that ac­tiv­i­ty and through the hugs they shared. The youth brought a lot of pas­sion and af­fec­tion to the el­ders that day.

The youth in Conecta2 have ex­pressed that they feel very well help­ing oth­ers and they want to con­tin­ue do­ing it. We have seen fruits of this and how God has touched their hearts. They have been con­nect­ed.

Be­low you can read the point of view of one of the youth in Conecta2.


Everybody needs to hear about God

To me Conecta2 means the pur­pose that God has in our lives as the youth we are. It also means an op­por­tu­ni­ty to do good things that we rarely do be­cause we feel scared – for ex­am­ple be­cause of the re­ac­tions we might get from the peo­ple we want to help.

We have a very dy­nam­ic group with a va­ri­ety of ac­tiv­i­ties on our sched­ule. We make games based on the Bible and we help both old peo­ple, youth, and chil­dren.

When I am help­ing oth­ers, I feel the pres­ence of God every­where and this is some­thing re­al­ly amaz­ing. I be­lieve we can be a change for peo­ple in this coun­try. It’s so im­por­tant that every­one hear about God and we can show them all the good things He does.

My per­son­al ex­pe­ri­ence is that God touch­es our souls when we are with Conecta2. This feel­ing is so good. The group has been a pos­i­tive change for me be­cause I let go of my fears. When I am in a sit­u­a­tion help­ing some­body, noth­ing else mat­ters in that mo­ment. I just fo­cus on help­ing.

I am so hap­py to be a part of the group. It’s so im­por­tant to me that more youth from YFH will join us and feel that they be­long to our group. Be­cause we do so many pos­i­tive ac­tiv­i­ties that make us grow in our per­son­al lives.“

- Jen­nifer Sanchez, 4th gen­er­a­tion